It will be there for you, through the highs and the lows! GAME GOLF is a gameplay tracking system for the way you play, with features and interface that are satisfyingly functional, intuitive, and easy to access, wherever your head is at.¬†GPS, Bluetooth LE, NFC, compass, accelerometer, and gyrometer team up to connect a compact belt-worn unit with tiny tags on each golf club, and to smartphone/tablet apps and the GOLF website, to seamlessly record and visualize your every stroke, share, and compare. Get in deeper! From San Francisco’s Active Mind Technology, $249, funding now on indiegogo.




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One thought on “GAME GOLF

  1. Congrats: really a nice idea. I’d buy it. But what happens in the green, where distances are so short? How does it work in distances that are only a few cm?

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