Faraday Porteur E-bike

Putting the “bike” back into “e-bike” is the idea behind the Faraday Porteur E-bike, the result of a winning by-cyclists-for-cyclists design contest entry, electric-powered AND a pleasure to ride under good ol’ pedal-power alone. The core technology is computer-controlled pedal assist, with sensors monitoring pedaling effort to seamlessly provide a near-undetectable level of boost as the going gets tougher. The high tech is unobtrusive: no gadget clutter on the handlebars, only on-off switch/extra-boost switch, a discreet battery indicator, and the lithium-ion batteries are hidden away in the frame. Other highlights include powerful front and rear LED lighting with auto-on ambient light sensor, and a quick-release front carrier that can carry 30 lbs, with a mount to accept future carrier models. Charging is no different than plugging in a laptop, and 10-15 miles of power takes 45 minutes. The Porteur comes in S, M or L, with two chargers included. Funding now on Kickstarter—$3,500 in time gets you one of the first 250. Too good to be true? According to early test riders of prototype models, the Porteur…delivers!

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