Eastman x Ziba’s TOPO Gentleman’s Flask

Eastman x Ziba TOPO Gentleman's Flask

At the unusual intersection of chemists and engineers who make new materials, and consumer product designers, there is the experimental¬† Eastman x Ziba’s TOPO Gentleman’s Flask. Initiating its own Materials Design Challenge, massive chemical co. Eastman hooked up with Oregon design firm Ziba on a blue sky design mission. Using Eastman’s Tritan copolyester, they came up with a flask that is internally molded with the topography of the Tennessee hills, birthplace of American whiskey, and offers the durability of plastic with the clarity and feel of glass, all made possible by Tritan’s unique properties: able to be molded from thin to thick, and take a clean ultrasonic weld. TOPO is a one-off at the moment, for display only. Still, proof positive of better drinkin’ through chemistry!

MORE! ¬Ľ via: Core77
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