Dissident Wallet

Dissident Wallet

From Russia with…minimalism, the Dissident Wallet distills wallet design to a single piece of leather, with no stitches, plastic windows, fastener hardware or anything elseā€”it’s all in the folds. The leather is 2.5mm thin, balancing durability with slimness. The name, say the designers, has nothing to do with politics, it’s about being courageous as an individual, and setting your own style! 3500 rubles (about $120).

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4 thoughts on “Dissident Wallet

  1. Beautiful.
    Yet these days, in Europe certainly, there is an increasing demand for a small section for coins.
    I’m about to change from my Orvis ‘special’ that fits dynamically into pants pocket, for another having a full internal zip for coins. I’d only envisage having 3/4 large value coins to save the leather; the sort that car parking machines like.

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