DiffCase for iPhone

DiffCase for iPhone

Just the ticket for serious iPhone photogs and extreme accessory fetishists alike, the DiffCase for iPhone turns your iPhone 4/4S into what looks like a bristling miniature handheld pro movie camera. In fact, Diff is a complete patent-pending iPhone photo/video shooting system, comprising a core multifunctional case with lens-mount option, a DiffCage photo/cinema production rig with a multitude of tripod, handheld and attachment configurations, a lens optics kit with bayonet-mount combo wide angle/macro and 180° fisheye lenses, and lens mount adapters for securing existing optics. Made by pros to pro standards, the fashion color choices and the versatility of the basic case for everyday use—clip-and-carry, kickstand, lens shade, hardcase protection—make the Diff system…For All.

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