Denizen Works Sauna

Denizen Works Sauna

Sauna on a sled? Think global, act local is the real story behind this one-of-a-kind Scandinavian Denizen Works Sauna, a heated hut built on runners that allow it to be towed on frozen lakes, making it a mobile structure, qualifying if for a building permit. It’s the happy ending to the 12-year saga of a woman in Åland, Finland, who simply wanted to convert an old boat shed, but couldn’t secure government permission (in a country where saunas are central to…life). She eventually met London “architecture and ideas” studio, Denizen Works, while they were visiting Finland. DW discovered the loophole and built the sauna, from notepad sketches, with local help, in nine weeks, using locally sourced wood, recycled windows, and the interior cladding originally bought by the owner 12 years back, and stored in the shed since. Cost: £3465 ($5,500). A satisfying ending. Denizen Works is a global practice, currently at work in Scotland, Sweden and Brazil, that strives for harmony in design by researching local history, building types, materials, culture and microclimate for its projects. Ideals in action. An MR two thumbs up!




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