DeLorean Bicycle

Delorean Anyday Bicycle

It’s back to the retro future past with the signature stainless steel DeLorean Bicycle, a direct and high-end connection to the classic gullwing DeLorean four-wheeler. Three models are in the pipeline, with Speed and Cruise upcoming, and the all-terrain Anyday (pictured) on deck now. The Anyday is built around a Columbus HINOXtube Trafitubi XCr stainless steel frame, with Gates belt drive, Shimano Alfine internal 11-speed gearing, front and rear hydraulic disc breaks, carbon front fork, and gel saddle. A luminescent coating on the wheels, dark in the day, lights up when illuminated at night. A range of tires can be installed, for on- or 0ff-road customization. This DeLorean is hand-built by Italy’s exacting Sarto Antonio. $5,495.

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