De Bethune DB28 close-up

De Bethune DB28 Wristwatch

De Bethune DB28

Switzerland, home of legendary Swiss craftsmanship and precision Swiss watch movements, is a natural to host a world watchmaking competition, and it does. The Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix, kind of the Oscars for watches, is open to all comers, regardless of nationality or price. This year, the 11th annual GP awarded its Aiguille d’or overall grand prize to the formidable De Bethune DB28. Which says…a lot. The two-man DB team of David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet make a sharp distinction between designing time-telling devices and the true art and science of watchmaking—haut horlogy—as handed down through history and developed over time. The DB28 expresses the pinnacle of their obsession for 2011, with complex precision mechanics and stunning aesthetics.

So let’s take a look…

The large opening in the DB28′s ultra-light titanium case allows the privileged wearer to observe at will the wonders on his wrist. In true pocketwatch tradition, the DB28 features a mechanical hand-wound movement of 276 components, hand-decorated with circular-grained, snailed, chamfered and polished steel parts, with self-regulating twin barrel, silicon/platinum balance wheel with flat terminal curve, triple pare-chute shock-absorbing system, exclusive three-dimensional moon-phase indication accurate to within one day in 122 years, extra-supple alligator strap, rose gold case option,… The list of intricate detail goes on, and it’s all right there, purring along on your arm. Clearly, more than just a watch. At $87,000US, a fair price for the discerning.

De Bethune DB28 close-up

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