dbRevO Electric Wheel

dbRevO Electric Wheel

The oh-so-clever dbRevO Electric Wheel makes converting just about any bike into an e-bike ridiculously simple. Step 1: Replace regular front wheel with dbRevO wheel. Step: 2: Attach quick release wireless controller console to handlebar (it controls power and provides feedback data). Step 3: Charge it up and let it ride. The superwheel integrates a 24V 350W brushless DC motor, 24v lithium battery, and controller, and adds a rainbow of eye-grabbin’ colour choices. Can it be THAT easy? Apparently. Performance specs from independent reviews have yet to hit the Net, far as we can tell (and MR does not have a tester…at the moment), so speed and hill climbing abilities are unknowns. A 40km-per-charge range is given. A 24v 2A wheel charger—just plug it into the wall—and a USB console charger are included. A 20″ and 26″ model are available to cover a wide range of bikes. Prices we’ve found start at £749 (about $1,200).

dbRevO Electric Wheel

dbRevO Electric Wheel

dbRevO Electric Wheel

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5 thoughts on “dbRevO Electric Wheel

  1. I can’t believe this laziness we live in, bikes are made to be ‘riden’ (period)

  2. Well, you could also say that cars are made to be driven. If e-bikes come out somewhere in the middle, that could be a good thing. Then again, no matter we do, we’re probably already screwed! :)

  3. Pingback: dbRevO, la ruota elettrica per tutti?

  4. I think it’s great – I would cycle more if I could use this to help me up some of the hills! Green transport. Period!

  5. I ride my bike sometimes to work…but when it’s cold I simply can’t use it because unlike scooters or motorcycles cycling makes you sweat and that and cold does not mix…so the solution for that would be the electric wheel….and besides in my city everything is at log distances (Orlando) so it’s not as if it is a Highly dense city…demographically speaking

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