ChocoVivo Stone Ground Chocolate

ChocoVivo Stone Ground Chocolate

ChocoVivo Stone Ground Chocolate
Here’s the story: In the US, there are about 18 companies making chocolate from bean-to-bar, and ChocoVivo is one of them. Most are huge corporations, like Hersheys, Cargill, and Nestle, while ChocoVivo is…tiny. Essentially, ChocoVivo Stone Ground Chocolate is Patricia Tsai, once a number-crunching accountant who jumped ship on the rat race to become a hardcore indie chocolate maker. Hers is a fine, pure, conscious product, with beans sourced directly from a family grower in Mexico, and ground with lava stones the way the Mayans and Aztecs did 2000 years ago, with no additives—simply 100% hand-crafted, whole bean chocolate, made fresh weekly. Chocolate that is food, not a candy bar. Browse the bars, nibs and powder, all available from the ChocoVivo eshop.

ChocoVivo Stone Ground Chocolate Powder
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