Book: 100 Best Bikes

Regular readers of MOCO MR know that we like our bikes. From the collabs, like the Charge x Vans Custom Mortar with the Vans waffle hand grips to the stealth fighter X-9 Nighthawk, all angles in dark carbon fibre. So you can imagine how pleased we were to get a copy of Zahid Sardar’s book 100 Best Bikes featuring the best in contemporary bike design and engineering.

More of a reference than a narrative, the chapters are arranged by function or usage: Race/Tour, BMZ/Mountain, Folding/Innovative, Accessories and our favorite, City/Utility. Author Sardar is clearly a rider, as evidenced by descriptions of these modern – and often non-traditional – bikes from the point of view of the ride. For example, from his description of the Puma Mopion, a cargo bike: “The extra-large front carrier complements the well-balanced bike’s elongated shape. The handlebar reach is such that riders can lean slightly forward but in a head’s up position for navigating easily.”

We’ve seen many of the bikes in the book, but were pleasantly surprised at how many we hadn’t seen. In our humble opinion, the book is impeccably curated, well written and informative. If you’re a modern bike fan, as we are, this is a must for your library.

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