BMW i Pedelec Concept E-bike

A concept stacked on a concept, and the result sounds exceptionally…hot! The BMW i Pedelec Concept E-bike is an ultralight, quick-folding, aluminum-and-carbon fiber accessory for BMW’s i3 electric concept car—a pair of i Pedelecs can dock and recharge in the i3′s boot. Engineering and user friendliness are both striking. A three-speed gearbox automatically adjusts pedal power support, based on speed and pedaling rhythm. Top speed is 16mph, range is up to 25 miles per charge. It self-charges while braking or heading downhill, can be plugged into a regular AC outlet, and fill up takes four hours, or 90 minutes with a quick charger. There’s also a folding configuration that moves the wheels up to make the i Pedelec a workable traveling companion on public transit. Sweet!

i Pedelec Concept

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