The HP stands for, you guessed it, high performance, in the new BMW HP4, a 1000cc monster with an all-new engine evolved from BMW’s 1000 RR Superbike. Massive power? Check (193 hp, 100% available in all traction modes). Packed with cutting edge ride technology? Check. Equally road and race ready, practically roll it out of the factory and onto the track without modification? Check. The lightest production bike in the 1000cc class? Check, again. The four-cylinder HP4 offers standard features include Dynamic Damping Control DDC, that adjusts the suspension real-time via sensors. The refined Race ABS antilock braking system presents four modes, Rain, Race, Slick, and everyday Sport for the road, and integrates seamlessly with Dynamic Traction Control. And Launch Control, a function in Slick mode that maximizes acceleration from standing so you can take off like a rocket. Forged light alloy wheels, lighter sprocket carrier and battery, and titanium exhaust system reduce the load, for a 90% fuelled up weight of 199kb (about 372lbs), lightest in the 1000cc class. It comes set up for a single rider, with a factory passenger package an option. Available, individually HP serial numbered, starting this year.

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