BMC impec Lamborghini Edition

Take a radically high-end bicycle, collaborate with an exotic sports car giant on a co-branded limited version, and you have the BMC impec Lamgorghini Edition. Swiss bike maker BMC Racing’s motto is “handmade by machines,” referring to their use of customized industrial robotics to assemble advanced carbon fiber composites at high degrees of precision. The impec is BMC’s flagship road bike, with a seamless, custom-woven, not laminated, carbon fiber frame. The Lamborghini edition offers carbon wheel rims, Shimano DI2 electronic shifting, suede seat and handlebars handmade by Lamborghini, and Lamborghini airbrushed artwork in exclusive Argos Orange, the same colour as the Aventador LP 700-4. Further trick this out with the infinit3D security system, perhaps, and you can pedal your two-wheeled Lamborghini tribute about town with total peace of mind. You will want the security: each of the 30 available units is €20,000 (about $26,500).

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