BeoPlay A3

The severely angular BeoPlay A3 is a versatile iPad amplified speaker dock-slash-tablet stand that maker Bang & Olufson refers to as a “stable wedge.” What that means is your iPad can be conveniently displayed in either portrait or landscape orientation—depending on how you place it, two of the three tiny (1/2″) tweeters are automatically activated, for proper stereo imaging no matter which way is up. A 2″ woofer fills in the low end. So, an instant mini-TV media center, wherever you want it, with superb B&O mobile sound! Battery power lets you go wireless for up to five hours; when plugged in, the A3 recharges the iPad as well. The case is Protective PC ABS Plastic, on an aluminum frame, and fits both iPad and iPad 2—a rubber adapter collar lets you give new life to any of those old iPads you have lying around. Coming soon for about $700.

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