Bauhaus Titanium Key Carabiner

Just the spring hook for subtle yet distinctive belt loop key-hanging, Bauhaus Titanium Key Carabiner (P88) replicates the traditional carabiner hinged movement in single hunk of metal, with no parts or assembly. It’s one of Más Design’s Bauhaus line: unibody, high grade titanium alloy caribiners, rigorously refined to a form-follows-function essence (and there are bottle openers, too!). Nearly 6x overfunded on Kickstarter now, with over a month to go, it’s a hit!



Via MOCO Submit

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One thought on “Bauhaus Titanium Key Carabiner

  1. I got the P99 of the kickstarter it look and fill so good it a must have easy on the eye to look at and easy to place on your belt loop with out looking after a bit

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