Bandit9 Nero Mark II Motorcycle

Working around a vintage Chinese Chang Jiang 750, stripped down to its rebuilt 750cc engine, the Bandit9 Nero Mark II is custom hand fabricated in every detail, with no bike type classification, no 3D modeling and carefully rendered sketches, only a design straight out of the head of Bandit9 founder Daryl Villanueva and his crew, executed and tweaked on the fly, intended to turn heads. In a limited edition of nine, some already sold, price on request.







Via MOCO Submit.

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4 thoughts on “Bandit9 Nero Mark II Motorcycle

  1. What’s the benefit of “no bike type classification, no 3D modeling and carefully rendered sketches” … why is that better?

  2. @Ray Not necessarily better, just a fact, according to Bandit9, about their design process for this bike, although executing from the head and heart is a big deal to Bandit9 main guy Daryl Villanueva:

    “I just went for it [Nero MKII] and if it didn’t look right, we’d do it again. … I just feel like when you sketch and creating things in 3D, you lose the organic process that’s so important to the art. It feels too ‘locked’ and permanent. You’re no longer discovering the bike and I like getting into the build without a plan. It’s good to be uncomfortable, even scared, when you start a new project. It keeps you on edge and forces you to think that you can do better.”

  3. That’s absolutely right Ted. We’re trying to make art – not motorcycles :) And art, as alessandro pointed out, is more instinctive. Ted, I’ve been meaning to thank you for putting our work up. I really appreciate it and I’m glad it’s gotten positive reviews on Moco Loco. You guys are amazing.

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