Bandit9 Custom Motorcyles

Loki by Bandit9

A motto like “It’s more fun to be a pirate than a sailor” tends to set the bar high. Loki by Bandit9 Motorcycle Design, a one-of-a-kind first job to roll out of this Beijing-based indie custom shop, does deliver. The bike is a well-used, ex-military Chang Jiang 750, torn-down—engine, transmission, everything—and completely rebuilt, with extensive custom fabrication. The CJ750 was China’s answer to the Russian’s answer to BMW’s 1938 R71, used, typically with a sidecar, by the Chinese military in the late 50′s-early 60′s. For  your own custom CJ750, no two the same, just tell Bandit9 how much above their minimum you want to spend. They can arrange a visit to their shop in Beijing, or you can follow the build on their blog. Then, have your Bandit9 shipped to your local port, or to your door.

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