Balcones Single Malt Texas Whisky

An individualist’s spirit, Balcones Single Malt Texas Whisky has critics tripping over their free-flowing praise. It is small-batch, hand-crafted, made from malted grain in hand-built distillery gear, aged in former bourbon barrels, all under the guidance of founder/head distiller Chip Tate. Category-defying, award-winning—Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2012 Best American Whiskey—it has those who should know saying things like: “Amazing, fantastic, revolutionary … this whiskey is a thrill ride for your mouth with twists and turns that rival some of the rides at Six Flags.” Well, now! 105 proof. $67.50.

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2 thoughts on “Balcones Single Malt Texas Whisky

  1. Thank you SO much for your kind words about our malt. Just one favor–please don’t call me Chuck! : )

    Best regards,

    CHIP Tate
    Head Distiller, Balcones Distillery

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