Baccarat Chateau Tasting Glass

Baccarat Château Wine Tasting Glass

Baccarat Chateau Tasting Glass

Wine glass wars? Apparently. After two centuries plus in the business of luxury crystal, France’s Baccarat throws down for the first time in the high-end wine tasting arena, with its new Baccarat Château Wine Tasting Glass. Designed by French wine legend and early champion of local, independent, terroir-driven labels, Bruno Quenioux, the Château goes up against the widely-acclaimed best of the best, from Austria’s Riedel Crystal. Who wins? The Baccarat entry is intended to flatter wine by subtly masking the alcohol while playing up the aroma, and will likely find particular favor with more fun-loving, less intensely critical palates. For the possibly harsher reality, Riedel may be the pro taster’s choice. In any case, this is a fine glass, and Riedel will take notice. Cool. At a reported €75 a glass, we won’t be…throwin’ them against the wall. Brush off your French: there is a video…

Baccarat Chateau Tasting Glass sketch

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