Autodromo Motoring Watches

Autodromo Veloce

A new company, a new and tantalizing collection: Autodromo Motoring Watches are “instruments for motoring,” precision timepieces lovingly designed to recapture last century’s golden era of European car racing (that would be the 1950s and 60s). There are three models (two with colour options): the Veloce (VE-LO-CHAY), the Brescia (BRE-SHA) and the Vallelunga¬† (VA-LAY-LOON-GA), inspired by famous Italian race courses and classic dashboard features, like the Veloce’s rev counter with redline marking (above). When a leading review of cutting edge haute horlogerie calls this collection “very cool” and “just some absolutely killer looking watches,” we take notice. Very cool, indeed!

Autodromo Motoring Watches

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