Audi A3 2013

In the steady flow of leaks and previews leading up to the official reveal of the new 2013 Audi A3 hatchback, the latest is…video!  The new A3 is 176 lbs lighter, with three front-wheel drive engine choices—122-hp 1.4-liter, 180-hp 1.8-liter, 150-hp 2.0-liter—and all-wheel drive Quattro versions and more powerful engines to come, along with alternative-fuel powerplants. Transmission is five-speed manual or six-speed S-tronic automatic. The tech is impressive, gear usually found at the higher end, like adaptive cruise control, park assist, 17-speaker Bang & Olufsen stereo, the Audi Phone Box car-cell phone interface, touch-pad control for most functions, advanced head-up technology, 3D graphics on the central display screen, an integrated WiFi hotspot, and the Audi Connect platform for intelligent networking of car, owner, Internet, and eventually, the entire transportation infrastructure. The A3 was just shown at the Geneva Motor Show, and will hit the street later this year. A sedan version is apparently in the works as well.

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