Atomic 22 Infiniti3D Security™ System

Atomic22 Infiniti3D Security System

Atomic 22 Infiniti3D Security™ System

Making your fine ride 100% UNSTRIPPABLE is what the radical yet simple Atomic22 Infiniti3D Security System does for your bike. The patent-pending system replaces every single major component fastener with a lockable Infiniti3D version, and gives you an absolutely unique, lifetime key. The core technology involves a breakthrough in the fascinating field of small diameter security fasteners: tiny keys are generated in three dimensions for a practically endless number of unique permutations—your key is yours alone, forever. Just about every bike in existence can be locked down, with custom-created fasteners available when required. Lightweight, elegantly-styled, hardcore bicycle security is here. And it’s 100% Made in the UK!

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