Aston Martin Cygnet

Aston Martin Cygnet

The new Aston Martin Cygnet rebadged city car is a mildly unlikely blend of Toyota iQ core, and hand-crafted Aston Martin upgrade. From the iQ, the Cygnet inherits low fuel consumption, high maneuverability, and environmental friendliness, thanks to engineering innovations like the newly developed differential and centre take-off steering gear, flat fuel tank, rear-angled shock absorbers, and compact heater/AC unit. Aston Martin pushes it over the top with luxury appointments like hand-stitched leather interior, machined aluminum features, portable sat-nav system with Bluetooth, integrated audio with steering wheel controls, nine air bags, 16″ alloy wheels, automatic temperature control, and much more. The list of interior and exterior options is also seemingly endless—with a production limit of 2,000 units, chances are no two Cygnets will be alike. Top speed is 105 mph, with up to 56.5 mpg (with manual transmission). At this time, the Cygnet is only available to people who already own an Aston Martin. Exclusive.

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