Action Movie FX

Action Movie FX

Blow s**t up is a polite way to describe the handily entertaining Action Movie FX, an app that superimposes high quality Hollywood special effects on whatever video you shoot. Two effects are included with the free app: Missile Attack and Car Smash (a car tumbles in from the sky…holy heck). Two additional FX packs are available for a buck apiece, with Tornado, Chopper Down, Airstrike and Fire Fight. The app’s credentials are impressive, the work of Bad Robot, the production company of producer/writer/director JJ Abrams, creator of TV series Alias and Lost, director of Mission: Impossible III, producer of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol,…and so on. Sound is by George Lucas’ Skywalker Sound. Available for iPhone/iPad-only. There are already hundreds of samples on YouTube and other video sites, check one out…

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