Kitmen Keung A4 Mouse Pad

A4 Mouse Pad

Kitmen Keung A4 Mouse Pad

Not for everyone, but perhaps just right for you, the A4 Mouse Pad, like all of Kitmen Keung’s designs, is intentionally aimed at the niche, the particular personal need, in this case, for those folks who want small objects conveniently located right beside their mouse hand. This 5mm thin, A4-sized slab of silicone features a corrugated edged, sloping inwards to a natural stop, perfect for pencils, coins, and paperclips, Keung suggests. The mouse surface is a layer of oven-baked polyurethane with a micro-grid finish that offers the right balance of textured resistance and easy glide. Another installment in Keung’s counterpoint to the drudgery of what he calls conglomerates-brand looks. Available in Charcoal Gray, Orange and Cambridge Blue.

Kitmen Keung A4 Mouse Pad

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