2013 FX Stealth Fighter Motorcycle by Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles has introduced its all-electric line-up for 2013 with a series of bikes that are more angular and aggressive in design, and more powerful, than previous models. Their Z-Force motor will now produce up to 125% more power than previous iterations and an optional CHAdeMO charger will now charge the bike to 95% in less than an hour. Android and iPhone apps will also be available allowing riders to customize performance and review other info. And, in addition to refreshes to their Zero S, DS, XU and MX models there is a new model, the off-road capable FX Stealth Fighter (above), Zero’s fastest accelerating bike yet. The FX has a modular, swappable power pack system and can reach a top speed of 85 mph.

MORE! ยป via: Zero Motorcycles reveals its 2013 models: Zero X dropped, FX drafted in and 2013 Zero Motorcycles Lineup | First Look
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