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MoCo Submissions

Recent MoCo submissions.


+ Tom de Vrieze has produced a new chair, “la mdf”, that has a rocking effect when tipped forward. Made of MDF, this chair is designed to be painted/personalized by the consumer.


+ On “is an electronic dynamic luminous sculpture -picture created by Jean Octobon”, a sound level meter as wall art. On has its own sensor so every sound in the room is displayed. Watch the video here.


+ Colombia’s Danilo Calvache’s Low Light Table combines grace and function in a table that provides mood lighting.


+ Maria Nylén has a small line of simple, yet striking handmade silver jewelry with pearls like the Elsa pendant.


+ Ecosystems is a furniture design company that takes sustainability seriously and reviews each step of the production process in light of this. No waste is produced and sustainable sourcing of materials and packaging carefully pursued.

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