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Mid-August POV: Tim Losch


Although San Francisco-based Tim Losch doesn’t consider himself a landscape photographer, he happened to have taken a shot in mid-August, a few years back, of the landscape just outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The Teton Mountains are in the background.

Tim describes how this photos evokes sweet memories. “I grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, considered the beginning of the Majestic Mountain, west of the United States. With a high point of 7,242 (2207m), the hills (using the vernacular of a local) aren’t as grand as the mountains further west but they are mountains nonetheless.

Every memory of a late summer day is the same for me.

They start off cool and crisp. Rush into warm sun-bathed middays and ease into glorious afternoons with skies filled with little fluffy clouds (save for the occasional ominous thunderhead) and each one capped off by a brisk evening crowned by a brilliantly star-studded night sky.

Even though I moved from the mountains 15 years ago, to this day I can close my eyes (the irony isn’t lost on me) and see and smell those days.

With this photograph, I don’t have to use much imagination to conjure up the memory. It’s all right there in front of me: wide open space, mountain-filled horizon, luminous sunlight perfectly filtered through fluffy clouds and here’s where the imagination comes into play… I can feel and smell the warmth of the afternoon. A warm breeze fills my nostrils with the scent of wild, drying grass and earth. Instantaneously I am smiling and content with thoughts of those glorious days.

I like to drink wine and am infatuated with the French notion of terroir and its importance in a wine’s character. For me it’s the same with late summer days. It’s all about terroir. Each place yields its own version of a day and each of us has our own appreciation and memory of those days.”



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