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Madeleine Beaulieu’s Top 5 Picks of 2008


1. Tropicalia Chairs by Patricia Urquiola

This chair is special to me because of its combination of both strong three dimensional qualities and strong graphical qualities. The shape, but also the lines, the colors, the materials and even the transparency make this chair a bold and innovative conversation piece.


2. Magnetic Curtains by Florian Krautli

This curtain is minimal, yet playful, versatile; yet beautiful. It has great interactive qualities with indefinite configuration possibilities.


3. My beautiful Back Side Sofas by Doshi Levien

Inspired by art, these sofas are becoming pieces of art themselves with a style of their own. The asymmetry, diversity and careful attention to detail are remarkable. The embroidered back, the different cushions and the gold feet make this furniture piece one of a kind.


4. Fantasy Collection by Jaime Hayon for Lladro

This collection takes a fresh approach, turning kitsch into mysterious surreal objects of desire. The delicate objects are both elegant and intriguing with dreamlike qualities.


5. Early Future Lamp By Ingo Maurer

Mainly because it is the first of its kind, I salute the proposition of an alternative and a more pragmatic eye on things.

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