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The Mayice Light Box is made of a sweet and experimental material: melted gummy bears.

Details: In 1998, as architecture students, the designers at Mayice were eager to find a material suitable for a model of an utopic and ephemeral pavilion. They needed to create a transparent, flexible, clear and tough substrate adaptable for curved routes. They found it in acrylic boxes and gummy bears. Now it’s a product.


Says Mayice, “And… there it was! the perfect material… Box methacrylate, 3 mm thick. Lighting box, 300x300x80mm. Fruit gum painting 5 mm. Projection lighting. Each piece has its packaging, white box, its own aroma and care instructions.”

“Each piece is delivered in a white box that contains an aroma together with the methacrylate painting based on fruit gums. Meat hooks with nylon pegs and an instruction manual are also in the box together with cotton gloves that you can use to avoid leaving marks in the methacrylate. It is required to place the canvas on a white wall preferably with natural light.”


Source: Texts by Elena Alonso Yebra. Photos by Pablo Gomez Ogando.









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