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Kino Guerin is a master at bending wood.

Details: Canadian designer Kino Guerin is a master at bending wood. His works have been exhibited from Palm Beach to New York. We saw his bent wood tables, shelves and entry tables in Toronto at the 2016 Toronto Design Offsite Festival.


Nebula Table

But the pieces aren’t just about bent wood, says Guerin, “I like challenges. I gave myself one a few years ago, one that would become my leitmotiv: From now on, I would make furniture with a unique piece of wood, no legs, no crossbars or supports.”


Why Knot Table

“Of course, there is not only one piece but several very thin layers glued one over the other so as to be able to bend the whole piece. To simplify, let’s take a wooden panel; it makes an excellent top for a table but for the legs, one must bend the extremities until they reach the floor. This is the base, but it must also look very nice, original and be punchy.”


Why Knot Table

“To get this overall effect, the panel must be bent further in order to obtain an airy movement, as if this had been done naturally. It must reflect equilibrium between the curve and the straight line, between exuberance and purity. The whole essence of this aesthetic approach can thus be captured at a glance and let one speechless at the sight of this splendid beauty, requiring no props or devices.”


Salto Table

“It is my definition of perfection.”

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