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Jean Snow’s 2007 Top 5


As you’ll notice, I’ve kept to Tokyo-related posts only. It may come off as egotistical, but I just had no idea where to start in terms of favorite posts over the entire year, so concentrated on something that was more manageable. So a few picks from Tokyo after the jump.

It marks the debut of my “This Week from Tokyo” series of posts.

An interview with Naoto Fukasawa!.

It includes news of a new product line from MUJI (electronic accessories), which for me, MUJI-addict that I am, is always something to celebrate.

All the Tokyo Design Week-related posts. It’s the most exciting time of the year in Tokyo, and a joy to cover.

It includes news on me transitioning from my much-loved Naoto Fukusawa-designed NEON mobile phone, to the possibly more-loved Tokujin Yoshioka-designed Media Skin.

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