by Ted Savage / April 12, 2014
Touch memory: Fruit and Vegetable Peels Cups by ViiCHENDESIGN, in porcelain, encourage deeper food connection with exterior surfaces that reflect the shapes and textures of various fruit and vegetable peels....
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by Ted Savage / April 8, 2014
Thai fusion: Zatellite Lamp by Anon Pairot uses spot welding and hundreds of super-thin steel rods to create an outer space, satellite-looking pendant lamp incorporating patterns inspired by traditional Thai textiles....

by Harry / April 3, 2014
There are several new additions to MOCOVOTE including this canopy-like laptop light that provides eye relief and reduces visual stress....
by Ted Savage / April 1, 2014
Mother-daughter makeover: I love Mom Furniture by Serena Confalonieri uses nautical rope and Mom's help to decoratively transform mass-produced Scandinavian products into handcrafted tributes to stereotypical Italian characteristics: coffee table into armchair (laziness), stepladder into kneeling stool (Catholicism), and...
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