by Ted Savage / April 10, 2014
Designers united: Low Motion Exhibition by Jesse Visser, Thomas Eurlings, Geke Lensink & YOUASME MEASYOU is a unified group presentation by Dutch designers at Milan Design Week, furnishings to fashion showcased in a tailored interior, complete with light show...
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by Ted Savage / April 7, 2014
Stars above: Skylight Lamp by Denise Hachinger is a patterned light dome with single points of light that seem to float in the air....

by Ted Savage / April 2, 2014
Configurable: Ice Chandelier by Daniel Libeskind for Lasvit, hand-blown by the master craftsmen at Lasvit, refracting light like a prism, is comprised of "clear glass 'cells,' blown into angular molds ... then clustered together in a series of puzzle-like,...
by Ted Savage / March 28, 2014
DIY design: HOC 45° Patch Kit by Miriam Josi celebrates DIY by putting more control back in the hands of non-designers with a bendable brass patch kit for customizing and protecting bags as you see fit, thread selection included....
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