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Dotted is based on the freely floating, dreamy jellyfish.

Details: Eindhoven-based designer Dennis Parren created several light installations and sculptures for the 2015 edition the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne, including Dotted, shown here, a suspended light of LED strips attached to a 3D printed frame.


Parren is known for lights with beautiful patterns that tell the story of light, colours, shadows and reflections. Dotted takes the lowly, mass produced and cheap LED strip, often hidden away behind panels or underneath surfaces, and elevates it.


Says the designer, “The Dotted Lamp uses the LED strip to show that it can be transformed into a delightful, simple and elegant lamp. In this case the design was inspired by the colourful and freely floating, dreamy jellyfish, a marvel of nature.”


“Next to being light and colourful in it’s design, it is made to be a ‘plug ‘n play’ lamp that uses a simple 3D printed frame in which you can simply click the LED strip to make it work.”

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