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Blow Me Up is an inflatable glowing air hose.

Blow Me Up is an inflatable glowing air hose, literally a blow-up balloon that can be rolled up and stored in a can.

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Made of plastic and metal and designed by Theo Moller, Ingo Maurer and his team, the light can stand up and simply lean against the wall or be fastened to the ceiling or wall with hooks or nylon cords.

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A sensor switch is integrated as a switch on one side of the LED strip, which radiates the reflective side of the tube, scattering indirect light in the room.

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With a suitable adapter Blow Me Up can also be connected to the 12 volt supply of a camping van.

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Says Ingo Maurer & Team, “The plastic hose, however, should be treated more carefully than camping equipment because above all it is neither a swimming noodle nor a laser sword.”

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