Untitled 12 by Svetlana Rabey
by sabine7 / October 4, 2013

The works in Svetlana Rabey's series of watercolours on paper may be untitled, but it was difficult to avoid seeing the transparent movement of jellyfish at first glance. The tones and composition may vary, but the soft dance of the colours and forms provides a pleasing signature consistency. Rabey says about her work,

"Gravity controls the ultimate result in color, composition and mood.

I am interested in the tensions between control and release, movement and stasis, negative and positive space and repetition and difference. The repetition of shapes is the framework for my experience of painting and seeing. Repetition is a daily exercise, a disciplined rehearsal of forms. The rigid structure allows for accidents and subconscious, intuitive decisions to happen."

Artist: Svetlana Rabey
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