State of Flux by Cheryl Pagurek
by sabine7 / January 14, 2013

Cheryl Pagurek's State of Flux series of photographs is a transformation of reflections of water into almost painterly abstractions of colour, light and shape. The water's constant movement is frozen into a moment in time, permitting us to look carefully at the hidden gifts that are usually given and taken back all too quickly. Shown above is State of Flux 2, the one I would buy in a second, captivated as I am by what I construe to be silverfish and amoebas, but I'm also drawn to the skeletal fingers of 19 and the liquid gold of 14 (after the jump).

Artist: Cheryl Pagurek

State of Flux will be showing at the Patrick Mikhail Gallery in Ottawa through February 9, 2013.

State of Flux 19

State of Flux 14

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