Smokestacks by Adam Satushek
by sabine7 / January 11, 2013

Photographer Adam Satushek trains his lens on our impact on our surroundings. How do our behaviours, movements and alterations affect the environment? What sort of impact results from what we sow and leave behind? Platform Gallery explains, "His photographs capture the odd and unintended intersections of common, forgotten objects with the natural environment--an environment which ultimately must bear the mark of that uninvited partnership as it struggles mightily to maintain its dignity." Satsuhek manages to bestow a quiet dignity to the scene by way of his work. Check out Junk Field (after the jump) in its entirety on Platform's website.

Artist: Adam Satushek

Adam Satushek afield at Platform Gallery in Seattle, January 3 to February 9, 2013.


Junk Field (detail)

Leaning Tree

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