Making a Statement: Enomeks
by sabine7 / August 22, 2012

Enomeks is a San Diego photographer with a background in street art and graffiti. His works need little explanation: each one is a statement in itself. Nonetheless, we were able to entice Enomeks to share some of his thoughts:

"I create these different scenes with the thought in mind that the problem is bigger than the person, meaning the issues in the photos affect much more than the subject captured in it.

There are quite a few artists that do this type of macro photography with figurines; I like to think that mine have serious commentary in the messages. The obvious humor is the little people dealing with real world problems, which tell of a bigger picture. In the short time I have been capturing these scenes I have touched on problems like losing a house, drugs, homelessness, fast food, etc.

Want Some Candy?

For years I was spray painting graffiti onto canvases and shown out of galleries, I find it hard to have a clear message in doing so. I also had a daughter this year, so it is difficult to get away for 12+ hours to work on a canvas. Photography as the medium lets me capture the message, have people laugh and converse over it, and spend more time with my family.


I have done several one-night group shows at art venues; I hope by next year to have a full solo show at a gallery. I enjoy the fact of knowing my photos are hanging in places all around the world and each person that owns a piece may see the message different than the next - to me that is the beauty of art


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