Studio Visit: Amy Rice
by sabine7 / August 23, 2012

Minnesota artist Amy Rice loves her studio. And from these photos, how could she not? With 20-foot ceilings and a view of the Mississippi River, Amy's studio is located in a former grain mill now used as a studio building for over 20 local artists.

Amy mentions, "I made/decorated all the extras; the pillows, the faux braided rag rug on the stage (it's a stencil!--how to instructions will be in my book out next spring), the trunks, curtains...

The new puppy is Pumpkin. She will be a year old next week. We got her from a shelter; they thought she was a corgi puppy. She is not a corgi. We think she is an American Dingo and are only half joking.

The dollhouse came from a garage sale, fifty cents! I love mixing the practical (shelf space for supplies) with the pretty (flowers from my garden). It has been extremely useful as a shelf/storage space for small items.

My studio is on the top floor of the California Building. It has a long history as an arts studio building."


View from the studio loft.


Newfangled, old-fashioned storage. Viewed from the front ...


... and the back. Maps (atlases in the flat file) play an important role in Amy's work.


Amy at work.


Work in progress for Amy's current Lunenberg show.


Letterpress pieces from Amy's sign press.


Imagine having this much Amy Rice on your walls!


Studio helper, Pumpkin.


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