Mid-August POV: Karin Hanssen
by sabine7 / August 22, 2012

Belgian painter Karin Hanssen describes late August by way of her 2005 work, Bonfire.

"[...] I chose the work BONFIRE which shows us the closing of a day. The closing of a day is a small version of the closing of a season.

There is a fire to keep us warm.

Twilight. Two women are present. One is cleaning up, the other is standing behind her and is looking at her without participating. Both don't see the wonderful sky and the end of daylight that covers their bodies. Also the movement the clouds make, is suggesting the passing of time. The dominant clouds look like a figure with spread arms that is coming towards them and seems to be wanting to embrace them, to take them.

It is already a bit cold. The women are wearing sweaters and a nice bonfire will keep them warm before they withdraw in their tents to go to sleep. Sleep can also be seen as a metaphor for the end of summer, for death. The women have added sweaters and fire to imitate the warmth of summer which is lost.

It could be that the woman in the yellow sweater is passive because she wants to halt the passing of time. A feeling I have when summer comes to its end.

Summer is a period of reflection and rest, of withdrawal from the rat race. Of conflicts and peace, of postponed decisions.

This image illustrates for me the final moment of these two different activities. The first woman takes action, the second withdraws and reflects. Tomorrow it will all be over again."

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