Studio Visit: Claire Desjardins
by sabine7 / August 20, 2012

Montreal artist Claire Desjardins produces work that is as colourful and lively as both her studio and her personality. Currently working with canvases that are big, bigger and biggest, Claire just moved into a loft space housed in a former mattress factory. Not far from the Lachine Canal, the studio is full of light, energy and activity. This is one artist space where pictures tell the whole story ...


"When I walk in the door to my studio, this is what greets me.


My big, fabulous window: light gushes into my space, filling me with inspiration.


Quiet corner with drafting table and more art supplies. Big art drying on the floor.


One of my many easels, thick with paint on it. They all kind of look like this.


My paint table.


My sitting area is where I eat and meet clients. It can get a little crowded at times.


My back-up paint: I never want to run out, so I buy lots and lots. These ones are gallon-sized buckets!


My front door. Actually, this was my front door when I was in studio 252. Since I moved, I haven't gotten a new sign on my door (but I will!). It's going to look like this, in any case."


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