Big Drip by Daniel Arsham
by sabine7 / January 23, 2012

Daniel Arsham's oeuvre includes two-dimensional work, installation, public art, and performance, but the monochromatic simplicity of his sculptures is what captivates us the most. Using materials such as fiberglass, joint compound, plaster, fabric and other accessories, Arsham manipulates architecture and its details, playing with the viewer's notions of reality. But on a more basic level, it is the tactility of the work that manipulates the viewer: the smoothness, the bulges, the folds and wrinkles, the suggestion of form ... Despite our unwillingness to be pulled in, we feel a need to engage, a desire to interact.

Artist: Daniel Arsham

the fall, the ball, and the wall runs through February 16, 2012 at OHWOW in Los Angeles.

Hiding Figure

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