Cloud Cuckoo Land by Xenz
by sabine7 / November 30, 2011

Known for his grafitti murals, Xenz presents a new body of work based on an exotic world that lurks within the artist's imagination. Xenz explains, "Cloud Cuckoo Land is a kind of childhood fantasy of setting sail to discover a lost world, but ending up in an opium den in Singapore. It's a celebration of creativity; something happy and joyful, but with a slight twist. I suppose living as an artist is seen as living in cloud cuckoo land by many people and I want to celebrate this by showing people what my dreams look like. Scientists estimate that there are more than 7 million undiscovered species on the planet -- that's inspiration right there!"

Artist: Xenz

Cloud Cuckoo Land will be on view from December 1 through 4 at Blackall Studios in London.




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