In Knots by Dana Barnes
by sabine7 / November 16, 2011

Textile artist Dana Barnes experiments with form and volume by felting, knotting, netting, tying, twisting and looping unspun natural fibres. The artist sculpts a mixture of turbulence and calm into organic shapes that are subtle in colour, but impressive in their presence. "Recalling the front porch vistas of her childhood, Barnes' large scale pieces suggest thick crop fields, rolled bales of hay, grazed hills and meadows, Spanish moss and gnarled tree trunks." The sculptural works become installations at times, soft furnishings at others, but are inviting always.

Artist: Dana Barnes

UNSPUN: tangled and fused is currently on exhibit at Ralph Pucci, NYC.

In Knots wallhanging

Tangled installation - detail

Tangled installation

Knoll pouf

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