Gnomes vs. Snowmen by Anna Hrachovec
by sabine7 / November 11, 2011

Fibre artist Anna Hrachovec brings together the Gnomes and Snowmen from Mochimochi Land in an epic battle for control over carrots and bunnies. "Inspired by the 11th century Bayeux Tapestry depicting the Norman conquest of England, the installation is a study of iconic characters and their physical limits within the technical constraints of knitting. The three-dimensional, linear scene plays out along the walls of gallery hanahou in a series of 40-plus panels." Included in the soft gore are melting snowmen, flattened gnomes, and candy cane fights.

Artist: Anna Hrachovec

Gnomes vs. Snowmen runs through November 18, 2011 at gallery hanahou in New York.

"Gnomes War is declared and receives wide support!"

"Bunny Sleds race to the battle front with glory and carrots in mind"

"A captured Snowman quickly gives up information"

"The Carrot Caper is a success!"

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