She Thought She Was a Cat by Amy Rice
by sabine7 / October 21, 2011

Amy Rice took inspiration from a scrapbook documenting the activities of a rural American 4H club in the 1940s for her current show, Rooted. In her statement about the show, Rice writes, "Each winter 4-H kids choose their projects for the year from a catalogue listing all the things you can enter at the County fair. Of course there are the farm animal projects but also all sorts of arts and crafts, small engine repair, gardening and crops, baking, sciences, sewing, music, butterfly collecting and more (my Mom would never let me do the butterfly project). Then, kids meet with adult mentors and kids from other clubs throughout the county working on the same project. My parents wanted us to be excited and fully committed to our projects and so we were limited to 3 per year. I settled into sheep, rabbits, and art...

Artist: Amy Rice

But the reason I choose to make art inspired by the scrapbook came from comparing photos of individuals posing proudly with their ongoing projects and the fall group photo, which is labeled in handwritten ink "100% Completion, 20 members, 28 projects"... Rooted celebrates 100% completion, hard work paying off, fall festivals, and earnest endeavors."

Rooted takes place through November 12, 2011 at Art Star Gallery in Philadelphia.

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