Promenade by Kukula
by sabine7 / September 23, 2011

How to resist an exhibition with a name like Lonely Opulent Things? New work by Nataly (Kukula) Abramovitch draws on the bells and whistles of the French aristocracy. With the Palace of Versailles as muse, Kukula based the concept for her show on "the beauty of objects and how we make them parts of ourselves. At the same time, as we collect more and more beautiful things, we end up isolating ourselves behind walls of decadence." The paintings are lush Rococo bonbons. "Flourishes are often dismissed as 'mere' decorations without substance," Kukula explains, "but for me they are the substance that make life bearable."

Artist: Kukula

Lonely Opulent Things runs from September 25 through October 15, 2011 at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City.



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