Sea Change by Trine Bumiller
by sabine7 / September 14, 2011

The distinctive multi-panelled nature of Trine Bumiller's paintings makes the ebb and flow of the patterns so compelling. Inspired by nature, each panel is a cropped detail of the rhythms of our environment, magnified. Bumiller uses a glazing technique to apply her paint with each layer taking a day to dry; the process can use up to fifty transparent layers that build into colour and form. The artist says of her work, "Our lives are real but our memories are shaped by who we are, what we think and what we experience. The landscape stays the same, but doesn't, based on natural disasters, environmental issues, human interaction, growth and decay. My paintings are about finding meaning beyond the visible world." Want.

Artist: Trine Bumiller

Slipstream runs through October 8, 2011 at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts in New York.

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